Environmental Permit Applications

Obtaining permits can slow down the progress of land development, but it doesn't have to. Working with a company that understands the requirements for permit applications and knows the best way to present them can expedite the process. Keller Engineering, Inc. has a great deal of experience in preparing and presenting environmental permits and can help your project get off to the right start.

Keller Engineering, Inc. has established close working relationships with local, state and federal regulating bodies in order to ensure the timely approval of environmental permit applications. We understand that filing complete submissions on time is the key to obtaining approval for projects of this nature.

The following is a list of the local, state and federal agencies that we prepare environmental permit applications for:

  • The Indiana Department of Environmental Management
  • The Indiana Department of Natural Resources
  • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Soil and Water Conservation Districts
  • Local and state Departments of Health
  • Local reviewing agencies

It is crucial to the success of your land development project that all environmental permit applications are completed in full and submitted via the proper channels at the right time. We can ensure that your projects environmental permit applications meet and exceed all of the agencies requirements.