Forensic Consultation & Expert Testimony

Forensic Consultation

Keller Engineering investigates building failures. A building failure can be anything from a crack in the building to a complete structural collapse. Our structural engineers can illustrate where failures have occurred, the impact of the failure, and recommendations for repairs if possible.

Structural Design Expert Testimony

We are often called upon to provide expert testimony in instances where legal cases involve building code issues. We are also available to publish evaluation reports for buildings that have been damaged by vehicular impact, earthquakes, wind, water, fire, etc.

Structural Experts

The company's principal engineer, Rick D. Keller, P.E., is qualified as a Structural Expert and has provided expert testimony in legal cases related to structural design issues in numerous residential, commercial and industrial projects. Keller is very familiar with the mediation and arbitration processes. He has provided testimony, depositions and served as a Structural Expert at trial for both plaintiffs and defendants in need of structural engineering expert testimony.