Structural Disaster Remediation Design

When disaster strikes your building, Keller Engineering can be there to help. Whether it is tornadoes, flooding, landslides, fallen trees or other destructive elements that accompany forces of nature, we can help create a plan to restore your building.

You might be surprised to learn that earthquakes are a significant issue in northern Indiana and southern Michigan. We have minor earthquakes occasionally and though they are hardly felt, they do occur.

The most destructive earthquake that the U.S. has ever experienced took place in Missouri in 1810. It was a 9.0 earthquake that was strong enough to ring church bells in Boston and was felt across the Atlantic in England. Geologists estimate that that fault line has had a major tremble every 200 years. The next one could be just around the corner. If that happens, we expect a great deal of damage in this part of the country.

At Keller Engineering, we design new buildings with factors like this in mind in order to withstand potentially harmful scenarios. We also reinforce older buildings to help stabilize them and assist in fixing structures that have been damaged.

If a disaster has impacted your structure we provide prompt service to ensure that structural repairs are completed as soon as possible. We inspect the damage, provide reports of findings, recommend necessary repairs and work closely with your remediation contractor.